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Working mom organization tips

Working mom organization tips

As a working mom, organization is key to balancing both work and family life. It can be difficult to keep all of the tasks, events, and routines in order without feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are some simple tips that working moms can use to stay organized and make their lives easier. Here are ten working mom organization tips:

1. Make lists – At the beginning of each day or week, write down all of the tasks you need to accomplish for both your job and your home life so that you don’t forget anything important. This will help you prioritize your tasks as well as create a sense of accomplishment when you are able to cross something off your list.

2. Create a color-coded calendar – Visual aids help provide structure and allow you to easily find essential information such as dates, times, appointments etc… So creating a color-coded calendar with different colors representing different family members or activities can save time when trying to locate specific information quickly!

3. Utilize technology – Smartphones and other digital devices offer great organizational tools such as reminders, task lists and calendars which can help you stay on top of both work and home commitments.

4. Delegate tasks – Don’t be afraid to ask other family members for help; delegating small things like tidying up or taking out the garbage will free up more time for yourself!

5. Take regular breaks – Scheduling regular ‘me-time’ where you take a few minutes away from your responsibilities is vital in managing stress levels and staying positive throughout the day – this could mean getting outside for some fresh air or taking 5 minutes to read a book – whatever it takes to relax!

6. Set boundaries between work & home – If possible try not to let work overwhelm your home life so that your children don’t feel ignored; set specific guidelines about when it’s okay (and not okay) for technology or conversations about business matters so that everyone is on the same page about how much work should come into play when at home!

7. Limit distractions – Social media notifications may seem harmless but they can actually take away precious time away from completing tasks; turn off those notifications while at work so that you stay focused on what needs done instead of being constantly pulled in by incoming messages!

8 . Have backup plans – Despite being ultra organized there will still be times when unexpected things come up – have backup plans ready just in case something like an appointment over runs or an emergency arises; these could include someone who can babysit if need be or even just having basic supplies needed around like extra snacks or diapers!

9 . Prioritize sleep – This one hits home to me! After bed time I relly feel like this is my time to shine – and invest into my business. As tempting as it may be do try get adequate rest every night because without proper sleep our bodies undergo physiological changes which impair our judgment & decision making skills – this doesn’t mean going into hibernation but rather ensuring at least 7-8 hours per night depending on age/gender etc…

10 . Schedule monthly check-ins with yourself– Setting aside one hour each month just for reflection (without judgement!) is crucial in keeping track of how far you’ve come & identifying areas which need improvement – sometimes simply acknowledging successes & failures is enough motivation for us mothers who are always giving 110% but never remembering ourselves along with way!

With these ten tips in mind, any working mom can stay organized while still achieving their goals both professionally and personally. By setting boundaries between work and home life, finding ways to maximize efficiency through technology, delegating tasks wherever possible and allowing yourself moments of relaxation then becoming the ultimate mother boss isn’t impossible after all!

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