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My mommy style embrace the mom you are

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Today on the blog we are talking about mommy style and how to embrace the mom you are. As mothers we have so many hats to wear – from homemaker, to chauffeur, to nurse, to teacher, and more. Sometimes that require may outfit changes in the day. From a dress for church or a nice dinner, to shorts and tanks for soccer practice or weekend outings.

It’s easy to forget our personal style when we have so many other responsibilities pulling at us. But for me, Mommy style is about embracing all the facets of being a mom while still maintaining your individual style.

I am a self-proclaimed leggins’ lover and I firmly believe that all moms should own at least one pair of leggins (or two or three…). They are so versatile and comfortable, but also stylish. You can dress them up with a cute blouse and heels or dress them down with a tank top, sandals and a denim vest. Recently I have started to invest beyond leggin to shopping on Vinted, a second-hand online store. There are so many great pieces available, and you can find a number of designer labels for very reasonably priced.

Start with basics: like jeans and tees, but add details like statement jewelry or bold patterns to make them more memorable. Wear skirts and blouses that flatter you and think beyond the traditional “mom” look. Look for colors and textures that will help you stand out and make a fashion statement.

When you’re shopping: be sure to keep comfort in mind – nothing is less stylish than being uncomfortable! Look for lightweight fabrics that will help you stay cool on warm days and look good at the same time. A pair of nice sandals or ballet flats are perfect for running errands or taking your kids to the park.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Scarves, hats, belts, shoes – these can all add extra oomph to an outfit and help complete your look. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures either- sometimes the most unexpected combinations turn out looking the best!

I have found that my style has evolved since becoming a mom, and I know many of you can relate. It is easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of motherhood and let your own style take a backseat.

Embrace your mommy-style! Here are a few tips that I have found helpful:

Know Your Body – Before you buy any clothes, figure out what shapes and styles look best on you. Knowing this will help narrow down the options when shopping for new pieces or putting together an outfit.

• Invest in Basics – If you are on a budget, invest in some staple basics that can easily be dressed up or down for different looks. Think a pair of dark wash jeans, basic tees, sweaters, and blazers; these pieces will go with almost anything!

• Have Fun With It! – Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. Wearing small amounts (like buttons or pockets) of bold prints can really spice up an outfit. Try pairing two unexpected colors together, or mix textures like velvet and lace to create unique combinations.

Overall, motherhood is so much more than how you dress – but having a few go-to pieces that you feel comfortable. Now get out there and show off your mommy style.

By on December 16th, 2022

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