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Best age for newborn photoshoot

Best age for newborn photoshoot

A day after birth you are not thinking about having your newborn baby’s first photoshoot. However, with the right precautions and tools, you can create beautiful images that capture one of life’s most precious moments: a newborn baby’s first days.

The ideal age for a newborn photoshoot is between 5 to 14 days old. This is because at this stage, baby’s are still in the sleepy and curly phase where they can be easily posed and their features are easy to capture. Beyond that point…babies start stretching out and become more alert which makes them harder to pose as well as photograph!

A professional photographer should have the skills and experience necessary to maneuver newborns into poses that will look beautiful in photos. They have the experience with lighting, props, angles and backgrounds that are perfect for capturing those special moments from your little one’s early life. It’s important to book a session early on so you don’t miss out on this precious time.

Be sure to communicate with the photographer before your session so you know what props and outfit options they offer. Some photographers may have more experience with certain poses or lighting techniques that you want in your photos. Be prepared for the session by having toys and items close to hand that help baby feel secure, such as a warm blanket, pacifier or favorite stuffed animal.

How to plan:

1. Schedule your session with a professional photographer as soon as possible after birth to ensure baby is in the best stage for capturing those perfect newborn shots.

2. Talk to the photographer about what type of props and outfit options they provide so you can plan accordingly.

3. Have warm blankets, pacifiers, or favorite stuffed animals nearby during the session to help baby feel secure and comfortable.

4. Make sure the room is kept at a comfortable temperature so baby won’t be too hot or cold during the shoot.

5. Bring snacks and drinks for yourself if needed- newborn photoshoots can take more time than expected!

6. Relax and enjoy this special moment- you’ll have beautiful photos to remember it by!


Q: How soon should I book a newborn photoshoot?

A: We recommend booking at least one month in advance so your photographer has enough time to plan and prepare for the session. It’s best to capture the newborn photos within 5-10 days of birth when baby is still in that sleepy, curly phase.

Q: Are there any special tips for taking great newborn photos?

A: Yes! Make sure the room temperature is comfortable for baby during the shoot, bring snacks and drinks for yourself if needed, have warm blankets and pacifiers close by to keep baby calm and secure, and make sure to communicate with your photographer ahead of time so they know what props and outfit options you want to use.

Q: What type of background should I use for my photos?

A: It all depends on your personal preference- some photographers specialize in more classic and timeless looks, while others may focus on bright colors or unique designs. Talk to your photographer about background options that will fit the style you are looking for.

Q: Are there any safety precautions I should take during a newborn photoshoot?

A: Absolutely! Make sure to only work with a reputable photographer who is well versed in working with newborns and follows strict safety guidelines. Avoid using props or positions that could put baby at risk, and ensure they are monitored closely throughout the entire session. Also, make sure the room temperature is comfortable for baby and that all blankets and props used are washed clean prior to the shoot.

Q: How long does a newborn photoshoot typically last?

A: It really depends on the photographer, the type of shots you are looking for, and how cooperative baby is during the session. On average, you can expect a newborn photoshoot to take anywhere between 1-2 hours. We recommend allowing extra time just in case things don’t go as planned!

The newborn stage is a time of immense joy and love. These tips can help ensure that your photos are as beautiful and memorable as this special moment should be.

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